The Idea of Perspective FREAKS Me OUT

Ever taken a step back from a situation in which you’re dealing with someone who is clearly irrational and realized that, to them, you are just as clearly irrational?

I have dealt with some twisted people. The people who know that they’re twisted and continue to act that way because they don’t care, I may actually prefer them. While they scare me as people, and make me think about corruption and question humanity, at least I can be assured that we’re somewhat within the same mindset. We both know they’re in the wrong. I just happen to be the only one out of the two of us who has a problem with it.

Then there are the people who truly scare me. These are the people behaving in such twisted and such hateful ways without recognizing anything wrong with what they’re doing. You know that saying, “If you’ve got haters, it’s because you’re doing something right?” I do not like that saying, for this reason. To them, I’m the hater, and they’re doing everything right. I’m the twisted person.

Don’t your parents and peers ever put you into check? Doesn’t anyone ever tell you how Not Okay you are? I always wonder, before realizing that the answer to that must be No. However we all are, we have been fostered to be that way. That means that at either some, or multiple points in our lives, people have been encouraging the way we think, and telling us that our actions are okay.

PPHHFEEEWW! That’s my mind going off in crazy directions as I start to question whether I’ve been raised correctly, and if I have proper judgment. I’d like to think that I do, but I can’t really know anything. It’s pretty arrogant to assume that your perception of the world is correct. Not only arrogant; it’s stupid. We don’t know everything, and a lot of what we’ve been taught has been warped for some other purpose. This is how countries get locked into atrocious wars: excluding their enemies from their moral spheres of concern, with each believing that they are good and just, while the other is bad. We’ve seen Pocahontas, right? Disney’s illustration of the mirror image perception phenomenon was the only thing I didn’t have a problem with in the movie! This is how you get schoolchildren thinking that other people in other countries are evil. You don’t pop out of the womb with your mindset and lifestyle; you learn it.

On a smaller scale, I’m running into more and more people these days who have problems with each other, mainly because each thinks the other is selfish, only caring about themselves, while believing that they themselves are putting in all this effort to care for the selfish one. Does that make sense? Here I am in the middle, seeing how both of them are simultaneously selfish and selfless. Do I tell them, or let them silently stew at each other? And now, are people out there thinking that I’m selfish, when I think that they’re too self-absorbed? I’ve already admitted to being wary of my self-absorption, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve caught all of it. Oh look, here I am making two other people’s problems about me. Hmmm.

It’s just scary knowing that people out there are seeing the world differently, going by different moral compasses, and the only thing I have to guide myself isn’t even entirely under my own control.


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